GTBZ22S Straight Arm Aerial Operation Platform

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Issued on January 31, 2019

Valid from January 31, 2019

XCMG Fire-Fighting Safety Equipment Co., Ltd.

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I. Product overviews and features

GTBZ22S Straight arm and self-propelled aerial operation platform highlights with outstanding performance, efficiency, dynamics and easy operation. It is leading in the industry with maximum carrying capacity of 340kg, high operation height and amplitude, suit for construction of large load and wide operation area.

[Advantages and features]
●Dual parallel linkage and telescopic arm could realize the dynamic adjustment of vehicle center of gravity, making the complete vehicle more stable.
●With 4WD, off-road wide tires and axle balance system, the machine is excellent in drive and adaptability to road.
●Multi-load envelope control technologies could real-time monitor the load, effectively making use of boom and making its work performance at leading edge.
●Auto balance extending mechanism improves safety of extending mechanism and extends service life of steel rope.
●Electrical control system adopts the distributed control technologies based on PLC and CAN, implementing the auto leveling, the weighting of platform payload, the dynamic monitoring and the fault warning.

II. Introduction of Main Parts

1. Chassis part
Main configurations: 2WD, four wheel steering, axle balance and perfusion foam tires.
(1) Maximum driving speed at 6km/h.
(2) Maximum gradeability at 45%-Max. level in industry
(3) Axle balance system - greatly improving the vehicle ability to cross over any rough road.
(4) The built-in traveling reducer that integrates the motor and reducer is applied and two driving speeds (high speed and low speed) are provided to meet the driving demands of the machine under different environments. The traveling mechanism features self-braking function while traveling on slopes and is equipped with clutch device to ease the towing in event of malfunction.
2. Boom part
(1) 3-section telescoping boom of single telescoping cylinder + wire rope.
(2) Boom material - The boom is welded from high strength steel to realize lightweight and high safety.
(3) Upright + boom luffing and rising simultaneously, making it more productive.
(3) Strength-stiffness matching - It guarantees the outstanding strength and stiffness of the boom.
3. Turntable part
(1) The turntable is capable of 360° continuous rotation and is provided with two holes for installation of transport locking pins.
(2) Power system - The Perkins/Deutz engines are equipped with optimized shock-absorbing and heat dissipation system.
(3) Spin-out engine mounting is bolted to vehicle frame and could be spined out, make it easy to access to engine and its attachments for maintenance and repair.
4. Platform part
(1) 2.4m×0.9m large work platform.
(2) 160° rotatable platform.
(3) Up to 340kg carrying capacity.
(4) Electro-hydraulic proportional auto-leveling system could real-time monitor the platform angle, dynamically leveling it.
5. Hydraulic system
(1) Closed pump + variable pump: the former is used to control the running system and the latter to control the complete hydraulic system driven directly with engine, except for the running system;
(2) Installed emergency power unit - It can ensure that the boom can be retracted to the driving status in event of malfunction of engine or oil pump.
(3) Superstructure hydraulic system is of variable pump constant-pressure system: based on the electric-hydraulic proportional control technologies, the machine could perform the slewing of superstructure, the luffing of boom, the retracting/extending of boom, the swinging of work platform; the main valve of superstructure is of plug-in valve; the machine is mounted with hydraulic oil radiator.
(4) The running system is of a closed variable system - 4×4 drive type, classified into high-speed and low-speed gears. The undercarriage hydraulic system could perform the axle balancing, and the steering functions.
5. Electric system
(1) PLC control technology - One controller is provided each for the turntable and platform. A control boxy is installed for the chassis turntable and platform respectively to control the chassis, turntable, boom, and platform.
(2) Main control items - Engine preheating, start, flameout, and speed control; Engine oil pressure, coolant temperature checking and warning; Chassis steering and driving control; Turntable slewing and boom luffing and telescoping control; Platform slewing control; Platform load checking; Platform leveling.
(3) Multiple safety protection methods - monitoring of engine and startup of protector; vehicle - tilting warning; overloading warning; monitoring of steel wire looseness.

III. Configuration of GTBZ22S Main Parts

S/N Name Quantity Note
Engine 1 Perkins/Yuchai
Traveling reducer 4 OMNI/RR
Traveling motor 4 DAFOSS/Shengbang
Closed pump 1 REXROTH/Liyuan
Power unit 1 BUCHER
Platform valve group 1 Sant/Shengbang
Turntable valve group 1
Traveling control valve group 1
Swing cylinder 1 HELAC/Weihai Liansheng
Crank arm cylinder 1 Chengdu Chenggang Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd./XCMG Hydraulic Parts Co., Ltd.
Leveling cylinder 1
Derricking cylinder 1
Telescopic cylinder 1
Steering cylinder 2
Balance cylinder 2
Hydraulic oil radiator 1 Yinlun
Controller 2 XCMG
Turntable inclination sensor 1 Shanghai Parker Hannifin
Platform inclination sensor 1 Xuzhou Youwell
Weighing sensor 1
Joystick 2 DAFOSS
Foot switch 1 SUNS
Slewing bearing 1 Ma’anshan Fangyuan
Slewing reducer 1 Xuzhou Keyuan
Swing motor 1 Ningbo Zhongyi
Tire 4 Laizhou Yishimai

IV. Main Technical Specification of GTBZ22S

Item Unit Parameter
a. Overall length of complete machine mm 10150
b. Overall width of complete machine mm 2490
c. Overall height mm 2800
d. Wheelbase mm 2500
Maximum working height m 24
Maximum platform height m 22
Maximum working range m 18.3
Maximum carrying weight kg 230 (Without limit)/340 (With limit)
Luffing range of boom ° -5 ~ +75
Slewing angle of turntable ° 360
Maximum rearward slewing mm 1550
Dimension of platform mm 2400×900
Slewing angle of platform ° 160
Overall weight kg 12500
Maximum traveling speed km/h 6
Minimum turning radius m 6
Minimum ground clearance mm 230
Maximum gradeability % 45
Specification of tire - 355/55D625
Engine model - Perkins 404D-22TYuchai 4D24T00
Engine rated power kW/(r/min) 43/(2600)48/(2700)

V. Safe Working Range Diagram of Machine


VI. Dimension Diagram of Machine under Driving Status


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