XCMG Wheel Loader Spare Parts Delivered to Russia

This week we exported XCMG spare parts for wheel loader to Russia.
Xuzhou Chengong Machinery Import and Export Co., Ltd supply various spare parts for famous China XCMG brand wheel loader, like pump, filter, supporting wheel... We have good price for customers who have XCMG brand loader. XCMG Brand New ZL50GN Wheel Loader China Top 5 Ton Front Wheel Loader with Spare Parts.
ZL50GN wheel loader is the latest cross-generation product developed by XCMG on the basis of the globalized technologic resources.
Focusing on customer value and emphasizing customer experiences, XCMG loader is the first-choice equipment for the production organization in the fields of ports, mines, engineering constructions, and logistics.
Model Characteristics:
1. XCMG's exclusive high torque and high efficiency drive chain features reasonable matching.
2. XCMG's characteristic super-heavy-load structure parts are free of redundant weight.
3. With extended wheelbase, the working capacity and stability are leading the industry.
4. The centering design of main hinge joints reduces the turning radius and lowers the tire wear and energy consumption.
5. The ergonomically design cab adopts integral skeleton structure, delicate interior trim parts, and sound insulation and noise reduction measure, featuring broad visual field, super-large space, and high operation comfort.
6. The diversified configurations and complete attachments comprehensively adapt to the construction needs in different regions and under different working conditions.

Performance Highlights:
1. The 160kN traction force and ≥3.5m high dumping capacity handle the severe conditions with ease.
2. ≥7,500kg lifting capacity and 170kN breakout force handle all kinds of materials with ease.

Variety attached tools meeting requirements of different working conditions:
Side-dump bucket/ Clipping plier I (paired teeth)/ Clipping teeth II (staggered teeth)/ Toad's mouth clamp/ Port plier/ Grasping grass machine/ Snowplow/Pallet fork.

Of course, if you are a wholesaler of construction machinery spare part, please also feel free to contact us.
Our 24hours hotline for sales and after service, 0086 18068706925.

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Post time: Jul-11-2022