XCMG Rotary Drilling Rig XR280D

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Max. output torque: 280kN.m

Max drilling diameter: φ2500mm

Max drilling depth:88m

Operating weight:88000kg

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Detailed configuration

Adopt imported Cummins turbocharging engine ,
CE standard .Centralized lubricating system .


XCMG XR280D Rotary Drilling Rig widely used in boring operation of bored concrete pile in foundation engineering of highway, railways, bridges, ports, docks and high-rise buildings.

* The special hydraulic chassis for the rotating drill with extensible crawler is provided with the excellent stability and is convenient to transport. The imported turbo-supercharged engine(meeting EU-III standard) is powerful, and has sufficient power reserve, which can be operated in plateau. Its noise and emission meet the national standards. The constant power and the best output enable the complete machine to function at its best.

* The patented parallelogram articulation mechanism can work in a large area. The drill mast, which is designed in box structure and made of the materials with high strength, has good rigidityand anti-distortion, guaranteeing the drilling accuracy. The hinge is provided with the bearing exempt from lubrication, and can work freely. The slag can be discharged in any angle due to 360 degree lifting and revolving.

* The intellectual controlling system, CAN bus and PLC with self-intellectual property right are used, including the automatic and manual regulation of the perpendicularity of the drill mast, automatic display of the drilling depth, automatic rotation positioning control, and intellectual fault diagnosis control.

* The machine adapt single row rope for main winch to figure out the wear of steel rope. extend the life-span and high reliability.

* With infrared camera for observing main winch, manipulator can observe the state of steel rope at day and night in cab.


Project Unit Parameter
Max.Drilling Diameter
Uncased (mm) φ2500
Cased (mm) φ2200
Max.Drilling Depth (m) 88
Working condition L × W × H (mm) 10770×4800×23146
Transportation condition L × W × H (mm) 17380×3500×3520
Overall Drilling Weight (t) 83
Model - CUMMINS QSM11-C400
Rated Power (kW) 298/2100
Hydraulic System
Working pressure (MPa) 35
Rotary Drive
Max. output torque (kN.m) 280
Rotary speed (r/min) 6~22
Spin off speed (r/min) 90
Pull-Down Cylinder
Max.pull-down piston push (kN) 210
Max.pull-down piston pull (kN) 220
Max.pull-down piston stroke (mm) 6000
Crowd Winch
Max.pull-down piston push (kN) -
Max.pull-down piston pull (kN) -
Max. pull-down piston stroke (mm) -
Main Winch
Max.pulling force (kN) 260
Max. single-rope speed (m/min) 60
Diameter of the steel wire rope (mm) 32
Auxiliary Winch
Max. Pulling force (kN) 80
Max. single-rope speed (m/min) 60
Diameter of the steel wire rope (mm) 20
Drilling mast
Left/right inclination of mast (°) 42464
Front inclination of mast (°) 5
Rotary table slewing angle (°) 360
Max. traveling speed (km/h) 1.5
Max.grade ability (%) 35
Track shoe width (mm) 800
Distance between tracks (mm) 3250~4400
The length of crawler (mm) 5052
Average ground pressure (kPa) 102

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