XCMG Motor Grader GR135 Delivered to Somalia

This week we exported one set of XCMG GR135 Motor Grader to Argentina.
XCMG GR135 have a hot selling at home and abroad, because it have many characteristics, such as have high quality, reasonable price and so on.The GR135 motor grader is mainly used for ground leveling, ditching, slope scraping, bulldozing, scarification, snow removal for large areas such as highway, airports, farmlands etc. It is the necessary construction machinery for national defense construction, urban and rural road construction and water conservancy construction, farmland improvement and so on.
XCMG GR135 have many advantages and highlights as below:
1. GR135 adopt Dongfeng cummins 6BT5.9-C130- II turbocharged diesel engine, Large output torque and power reserve coeficient and low oil consumption.
2. Torque converter has big torque coefficient, wide high efficiency area. It has good combination working characteristics with engine. The transmis- sion box has six forward gears, three backward gears, with neutral start protection function, gear shift controlled by electro-hydraulic, flexible operation, shift without impact, reasonable speed ratio distribution, meet the requirements of various working conditions.
3. The rear axle adopts balanced suspension to ensure the uniform load of four wheels, which is conducive to the full use of its adhesion ability. The main drive of the rear axle is equipped with“NO - SPIN" self-locking differential.

4. The front axle is steering axle. The axle can swing from side to side. In addition to the front steering, it also uses the
articulated frame, which can further reduce the turning radius.
5.The hood is structural part, well shaped with turn over function, the two sides double door is reversible, enhances the maintainability.
Our 24hours hotline for sales and after service, 0086 18068706925.

Details of XCMG Motor Grader GR135
* Cummins Engine ,Engine Model:6BT5.9
* Rated power/speed: 97/2200 kW/rpm
* Blade Width: 3660mm
* Length * chord height:3660*610 mm
* Overall dimension(standard):8015*2380*3050 mm
* Total weight(standard):11200 kg

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Post time: Jul-11-2022