XCMG Rotary Drilling Rig XR220D

Short Description:

Max. output torque: 220kN.m

Max drilling diameter: φ2000mm

Max drilling depth:67m

Operating weight:78000kg

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Detailed configuration

Adopt imported Cummins turbocharging engine ,
CE standard .Centralized lubricating system .


XCMG XR220D Rotary Drilling Rig widely used in boring operation of bored concrete pile in foundation engineering of highway, railways, bridges, ports, docks and high-rise buildings.

* The machine adapt single row rope for main winch to figure out the wear of steel rope. and extend the life-span.

* With infrared camera for observing main winch, Manipulator can observe the state of steel rope at day and night in cab.

* With the hydraulic pressure system adopted threshold power control and positive flow control, the system acquired high efficiency and higher energy conservation.

* The patented parallelogram articulated structure actualizes a wider work range. The highly strengthened box-type steel structure design makes the mast of highly-rigidity and anticontored, therefore the drill accuracy is heightened.


Project Unit Parameter
Max.Drilling Diameter
Uncased (mm) φ2000
Cased (mm) φ1700
Max.Drilling Depth (m) 80
Working condition L × W × H (mm) 10260×4400×22120
Transportation condition L × W × H (mm) 16355×3500×3510
Overall Drilling Weight (t) 70
Model - CUMMINS  QSL-325
Rated Power (kW) 242/2100
Hydraulic System
Working pressure (MPa) 35
Rotary Drive
Max. output torque (kN.m) 220
Rotary speed (r/min) 7~22
Spin off speed (r/min) 90
Pull-Down Cylinder
Max.pull-down piston push (kN) 200
Max.pull-down piston pull (kN) 200
Max.pull-down piston stroke (mm) 5000
Crowd Winch
Max.pull-down piston push (kN) -
Max.pull-down piston pull (kN) -
Max. pull-down piston stroke (mm) -
Main Winch
Max.pulling force (kN) 230
Max. single-rope speed (m/min) 70
Diameter of the steel wire rope (mm) 30
Auxiliary Winch
Max. Pulling force (kN) 80
Max. single-rope speed (m/min) 60
Diameter of the steel wire rope (mm) 20
Drilling mast
Left/right inclination of mast (°) 42464
Front inclination of mast (°) 5
Rotary table slewing angle (°) 360
Max. traveling speed (km/h) 1.5
Max.grade ability (%) 35
Track shoe width (mm) 800
Distance between tracks (mm) 3250 ~ 4400
The length of crawler (mm) 5715
Average ground pressure (kPa) 90

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