XCMG Rotary Drilling Rig XR260D

Short Description:

Max. output torque: 260kN.m

Max drilling diameter: φ2200mm

Max drilling depth:67m

Operating weight:76000kg

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Detailed configuration

Adopt imported Cummins turbocharging engine ,
CE standard .Centralized lubricating system .


XCMG XR260D rotary drilling rig uses a hydraulic telescopic crawler chassis and a large-diameter slewing ring for rotary drilling rigs to meet superior stability and transportation convenience. The imported electronically controlled turbocharged engine has strong power and emissions meet Euro III emission standards. The hydraulic system uses extreme power control and positive flow control to make the hydraulic system more energy efficient. The single-row rope main hoisting effectively solves the problem of wire rope wear and effectively improves the service life of the wire rope; and the drilling depth detecting device is provided on the main hoist, and the single-layer rope winding makes the depth detection more accurate.


Project Unit Parameter
Max.Drilling Diameter    
Uncased (mm) φ2200
Cased (mm) φ1900
Max.Drilling Depth (m) 80
Working condition L × W × H (mm) 10465×4400×22220
Transportation condition L × W × H (mm) 16525×3250×3575
Overall Drilling Weight (t) 76
Model - CUMMINS  QSL-325
Rated Power (kW) 242/2100
Hydraulic System    
Working pressure (MPa) 35
Rotary Drive    
Max. output torque (kN.m) 260
Rotary speed (r/min) 7~22
Spin off speed (r/min) -
Pull-Down Cylinder    
Max.pull-down piston push (kN) 200
Max.pull-down piston pull (kN) 200
Max.pull-down piston stroke (mm) 5000
Crowd Winch    
Max.pull-down piston push (kN) -
Max.pull-down piston pull (kN) -
Max. pull-down piston stroke (mm) -
Main Winch    
Max.pulling force (kN) 260
Max. single-rope speed (m/min) 70
Diameter of the steel wire rope (mm) 32
Auxiliary Winch    
Max. Pulling force (kN) 80
Max. single-rope speed (m/min) 60
Diameter of the steel wire rope (mm) 20
Drilling mast    
Left/right inclination of mast (°) 42464
Front inclination of mast (°) 5
Rotary table slewing angle (°) 360
Max. traveling speed (km/h) 1.5
Max.grade ability (%) 35
Track shoe width (mm) 800
Distance between tracks (mm) 3250~4400
The length of crawler (mm) 4750
Average ground pressure (kPa) 100

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